Your logo communicates more than your company’s name. It is your surrogate for your brand. Make sure it speaks the truth.

Bun Bun’s Bakery was looking for a fun identity to help kick-start the business. Clean, memorable and easy to read, this logo delivers. Unsolicited positive feedback from Bun Bun’s customers have confirmed this logo’s marketing power.

Created for a startup vacation timeshare in an area well-known for its beauty and accessibility to four-seasons of outdoor activities, this logo was crafted to capture the rugged-yet-refined appeal of the area.

A Perfect Smile came to David Gillis Design for a logo update. Like the quality general, cosmetic, & periodontal dentistry A Perfect Smile is known for, this logo refresh is a brighter, cleaner version of the original.

Potts Harbor Lobster needed a logo update to showcase their unique commitment to solar energy to run their business, while maintaining the visual equity built with their institutional customers. The update also presented a more contemporary and polished look, and greatly improved its overall legibility.

This logo was crafted for University of Maine’s premiere all-female a Cappella ensemble. It was designed to be bold, simple, powerful and feminine.

New England’s oldest craft brewery partnered with David Gillis Design to create a seal commemorating 25 years of D.L.Geary’s master brewers making their signature Pale Ale in Portland, Maine.